Category: Probate Litigation

Jan 21

What do you do when probate courts in two different states have equal jurisdictional authority over an estate?  This is one of many issues arising from the administration of the estate of Ruth Perelmen.   Petitions Filed in Two Courts In 2010, Mrs. Perelmen executed a Read More

Oct 13

Estate planning is a personal decision and every client has the right to choose how their own assets will be devised. Aside from certain legal protections for a surviving spouse and minor children, there are very few limitations.  However, for clients who have decided to Read More

Aug 3

Florida has long been a popular spot for retirees to spend their later years.  Many are married, but some come after the death of a spouse.  And while Florida takes elderly issues seriously, the state has never had a law that addressed the issue of Read More


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