Aug 31

We all like stories of everyday people fighting courageous battles to overcome adversity. Debrah Bates is just that person. In 2007, Ms. Bates was severely injured when another vehicle cut across her lane of travel, causing Ms. Bates’ SUV to violently roll and eject her from the truck.  She sustained massive internal injuries, broken bones, and spinal injuries. She lost her left leg just below the knee and required two knee implant surgeries to the right knee.

When the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier refused to accept responsibility for the accident, the PI Group at Gould Cooksey Fennell took her fight to a jury. After ten days of trial, the jury awarded a 6.6 million dollar verdict in recognition of the severity of her injuries.  But, Ms. Bates’ battle is not over.  Watch the attached videos to learn more about this amazing single mom who manages to deal with her life altering injuries and still provide a loving, nurturing home for her  14-year-old son.

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The Team That Saved Her Life

Debbie Bates’ Reunion