Jan 26

A day of vindication for GCF client Barbara Maschi. For six years, she was told by Dr. George Blaine Lake and Indian River Medical Center that that they did nothing wrong by leaving a needle inside her pelvis. They also refused to admit that she wasn’t told about the needle claiming that she must have forgotten. They took this position despite the fact that there was not a single medical record suggesting that she was told, and despite internal documentation showing they knew she had returned to the hospital in severe pain following the surgery. This case was never about the amount of money which would be awarded to Barbara Maschi. When the defendants refused to accept any responsibility, she just wanted GCF to allow a jury to tell them she was wronged. She freely admitted that her pain resolved after the needle was removed. For six years, the hospital and doctor refused to take any responsibility for their actions and the hospital’s attorney went as far as saying in closing argument that the scarring caused by the needle was a “good thing,” because scarring promotes healing. Barbara Maschi got her day in Court, and can move forward in life knowing that six Indian River County jurors decided that the defendants are responsible for their actions.

Indian River Jury Awards woman $257,000 (Article posted on www.TCPalm.com, January 25, 2012)