Mar 21

Gould Cooksey Vero Beach LocationThis photo labeled “Our present location” at the corner of Beachland Boulevard and Ocean Drive, 1921. It depicts the firm’s present location at the corner of Beachland Boulevard and Ocean Drive as it appeared in 1921. It is fascinating to see the large number of cars – Model T’s and Model A’s Hupmobile on Ocean Drive.

What was the occasion for this large crowd on a portion of the barrier island on then St. Lucie County? It was the day of the grand opening of the first bridge across our then St. Lucie County. It is interesting to note that Beachland Boulevard already had an island separating the east-west thoroughfare with palm trees and the islands – like what appears today, although the traffic island has been redone a few times over the years.

The infrastructure of curb and sidewalk is already installed, even though there are no paved roads and it is only the initial opening of the island, for which there virtually had been no development at that juncture. The land on which the law firm is situated was sparsely loaded with palm trees.  We have another photograph from 1930’s which shows thick vegetation, and also the layout of Sexton Plaza, no Ocean Grill, but the Windswept Hotel, which later became the Holiday Inn.