Dec 22

If you have recently purchased real estate or created a new entity in Florida, you may be approached by a private organization offering to provide copies of documents for a fee.  These “service” fees can be up to $100, and you are paying for documents that are accessible via the internet without charge. The solicitation may appear to be from a government agency and require your response. However, if you read the solicitation carefully, you will see that it is a private solicitation no action is required on your part.  If you receive any correspondence regarding your real estate or Florida-registered entity, please review the document carefully.  If you are unsure whether the letter is a solicitation, please contact the local county records office, the Florida Department of State (Division of Corporations), or your attorney. We are aware that as recently as April of 2014, at least one Florida county records office has sent a letter to Florida’s Attorney General asking her to investigate these type of solicitations.