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Vero Beach Bank and Trust, 1926

Vero Beach Bank and Trust 1926This picture, hanging in the GCF Lobby is labeled (Vero Beach) Bank and Trust Company, 1926.  It depicts what was then called the Seminole Building in downtown Vero Beach on the corner of 14th Avenue and 21st Street.  The signs visible include not only the bank’s, but Hoyt E. Morris & Company Real Estate and East Coast Tile & Guaranty Company.

The first court in Indian River County was held on the second floor (This depiction is one year after the County’s formation).  A few years later the County lost the court (house) in the depression – as it was leased premises, and moved down the street on Old Dixie Highway to the then Palmetto Hotel. It is interesting that the picture depicts angled parking on the street with the various model T’s, and the sidewalk was covered in a large part with an overhang from the top of the first story of two.

The building was built by Hudson Baker (the father of James Douglas Baker, who became a future Clerk of the Circuit Court), who was the great-grandfather of one of Gould Cooksey Fennell, P.A.’s partners.

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