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How Important Are Autopsies in Wrongful Death Cases in Florida? 

Losing a loved one is a heartbreaking tragedy, especially when it’s due to suspected negligence or wrongdoing. For families in Florida seeking justice and accountability through a wrongful death lawsuit, one important question often arises: When is an autopsy necessary?  At the core of every wrongful death lawsuit is a

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GCF Celebrates 10 Attorneys Selected to Super Lawyers 2024

We are excited to announce that ten outstanding attorneys from Gould Cooksey Fennell have been selected for inclusion in the prestigious Super Lawyers 2024 for the 18th consecutive year! This achievement underscores our firm’s commitment to excellence in legal practice and our dedication to providing exceptional service to our clients.

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Florida Community Property Trusts – Legal and Tax Issues

Introduction Community Property.  Under Florida’s new Community Property Trust Act (“Act”), a married couple may establish community property in Florida.  Although Florida is not a community property state, a married couple can now create community property through a community property trust established under the Act (“CPT”).[1] Why Utilize a CPT? 

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Understanding Forms of Property Ownership in Florida Real Estate

Florida property can be owned in several ways, each with unique legal implications and benefits. Three of these include Tenancy by Entireties, Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship and Tenants in Common. Tenants by the Entireties In Florida, owning property as “tenants by the entireties” is a legal arrangement available

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Advocate vs. Administrator: The Real Estate Attorney’s Edge

Engaging a skilled real estate attorney to assist you with your purchase or sale of Barrier Island property is of essential importance. Working directly with an experienced professional can make a huge difference in protecting your personal investment and preserving your financial resources. As a senior real estate attorney at

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What Estate Planners Need To Know About 501(c)(4)s

By Jeffrey J. Spina-Jennings, Esq., Gould Cooksey Fennell, PLLC, Vero Beach, Florida As a result of the recent restructuring of Patagonia utilizing a social welfare organization (“501(c)(4)”) there is a revitalization of discussions regarding whether a 501(c)(4) may be an appropriate structure to carry out a client’s charitable objectives. News

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Disclosure of Retained Subsurface Rights

How to Choose a Real Estate Attorney

Selection of an attorney to represent you and handle your real estate transactions need not be a difficult or time consuming process. Here’s how to navigate the process and select the attorney who will champion your interests. Ask someone you trust: Most law firms have an internet presence via websites

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What is Property Portability in Florida?

Florida homestead portability is a valuable benefit for homeowners in the state of Florida. It allows individuals to transfer some or all of their Save Our Homes (SOH) benefit from one property to another when they move within the state. The primary benefit of homestead portability is to help homeowners

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Electronic Signatures for IRS Forms Now Allowed Permanently

On October 17, 2023, the IRS updated the “e-Signature Program” of the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) to make permanent the ability for taxpayers (and representatives) to electronically sign IRS related forms and returns. The IRS originally adopted these electronic signature procedures as a temporary response to the COVID pandemic. Section

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2024 Estate, Gift and GST Tax Exemptions and Annual Exclusion

As announced by the IRS, the key 2024 federal transfer tax exemption amounts per taxpayer are as follows: Estate, Gift and GST Tax Exemption Generally, the Estate and Gift Tax Exemption is used to determine the aggregate value of the taxable gratuitous transfers that a person can make without incurring a transfer tax (e.g., gifts and

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Homestead Exemption Rules in Florida

The homestead exemption is a valuable benefit for homeowners in Florida. One of the primary benefits of the Florida homestead exemption is the significant reduction in property taxes. The Florida homestead exemption offers a substantial reduction in the taxable value of a homeowner’s primary residence. This reduction can result in

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Reporting Deadlines Under The Corporate Transparency Act

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) aims to increase financial transparency and prevent illicit activities by requiring certain corporations, limited liability companies, and other entities to report information about their beneficial owners. Beneficial owners are individuals who hold at least a 25% ownership stake in a company or exercise substantial control

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Should I Use a Real Estate Attorney?

Yes. Engaging the assistance of a skilled real estate attorney is a vital component of a successful real estate transaction. If you’re buying or selling real estate in Florida and are considering using an attorney, here are some important considerations. Real Estate Attorneys Encourage Smooth Transactions When you select a

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