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Our firm has served high-net-worth clients for over 55 years and created a family office group that has served multiple families for the last 22 years.

Our multifamily office now serves 46 families and growing. The Family Office Services Group coordinates and leads the client’s team of advisors to assist high-net-worth individuals and their families with complex legal, tax, estate planning, investment, and family needs.

Our Coordinated Strategy

Our coordinated strategy benefits wealthy clients with diverse assets including those with multiple trusts, family businesses, charitable entities, and real estate. Naturally, we have a focus on complex tax and estate planning, but we also have
strengths in organizing and tracking assets, coordinating with a client’s team of trusted advisors, and helping lead family discussions with the rising generation regarding family values and stewardship of wealth. While our origins are rooted in complex estate planning and estate and Trust administration our multifamily office is unique in that it combines these complex estate solutions with a dedicated team of Family Office relationship managers experienced with multi-generational wealth issues.

Your Family Office Team

To ensure thorough and timely responsiveness, each Family Office is led by an experienced estate-planning partner and a lead relationship manager who oversees a limited number of family relationships. We recognize that managing your wealth is much more than saving taxes and reporting and we have developed significant experience in organizing and charting complex information, coordinating successful advisor meetings, leading rising generation wealth discussions, and helping our families meet long-term family stewardship

Cultivating Your Legacy with Care and Expertise

At Gould Cooksey Fennell, nestled in the heart of Vero Beach, we understand that managing your family’s wealth is more than a financial transaction; it’s about building a legacy that endures. Our Family Office Services are designed to provide not just wealth management, but a partnership that respects your family’s values and visions for the future. Our family office platform is designed to cater to the diverse needs of affluent families like yours. You maintain flexibility and control, while cutting back on the complexity and costs of supporting full-time office infrastructure. Ultimately, it allows you and your family to reclaim your time and fully enjoy life.

Comprehensive Estate Mapping

Our approach is tailored to safeguard and enhance your financial legacy, ensuring its resilience through generations. With comprehensive estate mapping, we take a detailed inventory of your wealth, crafting a custom strategy that aligns with your long-term objectives. Our services include:

Navigating Generational Wealth: From First-Generation to Future Heirs

We partner with first-generation parents, delving into the essence of their financial world to create a legacy that extends beyond mere numbers. Preserving wealth is complex, and there are important issues unique to each family. Our collaborative approach decodes the complexities of wealth, ensuring future generations benefit meaningfully. Our services focus on:

Empowering Through Education: Understanding Wealth's Impact

We are observing the onset of what is commonly referred to as the “great wealth transfer” and anticipate the rising generation will have a different profile. At the core of our service is a commitment to educating our clients and their heirs. We strive to ensure every family member understands the full impact of their wealth and through our extensive network we help align families and individuals with resources and tools that empower them to actively participate in the qualitative development and growth of their family and community.

Wealth management encompasses more than just money management, and our educational services include:

Business Succession Planning and Business Consulting

Succession planning and business consulting are integral parts of our Family Office Services. We help family-owned businesses plan for the future, ensuring a smooth transition of leadership and ownership that aligns with the family’s values and goals. Our services include:

A Legacy of Trust and Excellence

In the end, what truly distinguishes Gould Cooksey Fennell is our unwavering commitment to the families we serve. We do not just design estate plans; we cultivate relationships that foster trust, understanding, and mutual respect. As stewards of your family’s legacy, we pledge to maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, ensuring that your legacy flourishes through the generations, securely and wisely guided by our expert team. Gould Cooksey Fennell stands out for its deep commitment to personal relationships, understanding of family dynamics, and comprehensive service offerings.


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Our Family Office Service Attorneys & Directors


All Estate Planning & Tax Group lawyers have an LL.M. in taxation or estate planning, and their professional designations include Florida Bar Board Certification, AV Preeminent for High Professional Excellence, Best Lawyers in America©, and Super Lawyers. Gould Cooksey Fennell has one of the largest, most sophisticated estate planning and tax groups in our area and has served the Treasure Coast in this area of law for over 65 years.


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