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How to Choose a Real Estate Attorney

Selection of an attorney to represent you and handle your real estate transactions need not be a difficult or time consuming process. Here’s how to navigate the process and select the attorney who will champion your interests.

Ask someone you trust: Most law firms have an internet presence via websites and social media. However, one of the best ways to find and engage a skilled real estate attorney is still simple word of mouth.

Real estate agents make excellent recommendations: Friends or business colleagues can share past experiences from prior work with their own legal counsel.

Other Attorneys: An attorney from your home state, or one that practices in another area of law can often be helpful in recommending a Florida real estate attorney.

Narrow Down Your Choices

Once you have obtained a few potential candidates, you must narrow the options.

How do you select your own personal attorney, and what are the desired traits of an effective real estate attorney?

  • Real Estate Focus: An attorney with a primary real estate focus is essential.
  • Rapport and Communication: A comfortable professional rapport is also key. If a professional’s advice confuses you, the professional is failing, not you. An attorney must be your personal advocate, tailoring his/her advice to your personal needs and circumstances.
  • Accessibility and Responsiveness: Availability of your attorney and his/her support staff is a prerequisite. Unreturned calls or emails are an unacceptable shortcoming.

Look at the Bigger Picture

However, the perception that your attorney is very busy is not necessarily a negative factor; it’s likely an indicator that he/she is in high client demand.

Your legal counsel should generally be a courteous and accommodating participant in the transaction. However, an effective practitioner should also be firm and measured in both his/her tone and approach.

Your attorney has not been engaged to please everyone. Your legal position may not always be popular or appreciated. He/she is engaged to protect and defend your personal legal interests and his/her professional behavior should be informed and governed by that premise alone.

Finding the Right Legal Counsel Can Be Rewarding

The right fit can be so beneficial, and the right firm can provide valuable, additional legal assistance to you, your family or your business enterprise long after your transaction closes. Ask about the real estate attorneys at Gould Cooksey Fennell.  Contact us today to speak with experienced real estate attorneys in Vero Beach, FL.

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