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When you or a loved one experience a serious injury or loss due to someone else’s negligence, it’s important to have the right people fighting on your side. When it comes to personal injury, wrongful death or medical malpractice, choosing the right attorney could be one of the most important decisions of your life. 

That’s where the personal injury lawyers at Gould Cooksey Fennell come in.

The team at Gould Cooksey has more than 60 years of experience fighting for those seriously injured as a result of the negligence of others. Our board-certified trial lawyers will provide passionate legal representation and fight for you. We take on the insurance companies and other large corporations that don’t have your best interests at heart, guiding you through the process with personal attention. We care about our community, and we’re passionate about getting justice for everyone.

If you’re dealing with a personal injury lawsuit, this isn’t the time to try to navigate legal matters on your own; you need a law firm you can trust to deal with matters on your behalf.

What Cases We Handle in South Florida

At Gould Cooksey, we’re proud to be a full-service personal injury law firm. Our goal is to deliver the best possible outcome to those who have been wronged as a result of someone else’s negligence. From car accidents to medical malpractice suits, you can trust our Vero Beach attorneys to do what’s right for you.

We’re experienced in handling a wide variety of lawsuits, including the following:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Defective products
  • Auto accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Brain injuries
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Premises liability and dog bites

Everyone deserves quality, passionate representation, and anyone who’s been injured should not have to feel like they’re going through the process alone. Our team of professional personal injury attorneys are on your side.

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Since 1955, Gould Cooksey Fennell has been in Vero Beach, fighting for the proposition that the court system is here to protect everyone, not just the rich and powerful. Our team of board-certified personal injury and wrongful death attorneys will fight tirelessly to protect your rights.

Automobile and medical malpractice insurance companies, along with other large corporations, have seemingly unlimited resources available to protect their interests. It’s our responsibility to make sure every citizen has access to that same level of professionalism, preparation and dedication.

We proudly serve Vero Beach and the surrounding areas in South Florida, including:

  • Indian River County
  • Treasure Coast
  • Port St. Lucie
  • Fort Pierce

Our lawyers are standing by and ready to fight for you. Contact us today for legal advice and a free consultation.



Notable Verdicts & Settlements

Plaintiff was operating a small motorcycle/scooter when a 91 year old man turned left in front of him hitting him essentially head on. As a result of the collision, the Plaintiff sustained catastrophic injuries to his lower body, including snapped femurs and fractures to the spine and pelvis. After a two week trial the Indian River County jury returned an award totaling $9.381 million.

A Brevard County Jury awarded Plaintiff $6.4M against Defendant State Farm, following an accident that resulted in numerous catastrophic orthopedic injuries, including a below knee amputation of the Plaintiff’s left leg.

Plaintiff sustained numerous orthopedic injuries as a result of the negligence of a driver working for the State of Florida Department of Agriculture. At trial, the case resulted in a verdict of $5,582,776.82. Because the government’s damages are statutorily limited to $100,000 under Sovereign Immunity laws, Gould Cooksey Fennell’s Personal Injury Group was forced to fight in the Legislature for several years to pursue the passage of a Claims Bill. Ultimately a Bill was passed for 40 times the statutory limitations.

Indian River County crash resulting in significant injuries to a husband and wife. This matter was resolved prior to filing a lawsuit.

Plaintiff, a minor, was run over by a large pickup truck in a commercial parking lot next door to her home. The Plaintiff sustained injuries to her head and body as well as continuing mental trauma. After an eight day trial, a Brevard County jury found the business owner negligent for the removal of a fence that previously served as a safety barrier between the business and the residence next door, which was also owned by the Defendant and rented to Plaintiff’s Mother. The jury awarded the minor Plaintiff $4,500,406.00.

Trial arising from failure to diagnosis colon perforation after a laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery causing permanent injury to the Plaintiff. After a three week trial a Martin County jury rejected the Defendants’ position finding the hospital 70% responsible for Mrs. Moore’s damages and the physician 30% responsible. The award included just over $600,000 for past medical expenses, $370,000 in future medical care, and non-economic damages of almost $2 million.

Plaintiff was driving a log truck on US-441 hauling a full load of logs when an oncoming driver of a tanker drifted across the road into Plaintiff’s lane. The collision of the two trucks resulted in Plaintiff’s truck rolling over into a ditch with the logs flying off the trailer. Plaintiff he suffered spinal injuries, severe bodily injury, extensive surgeries and hospitalization, and other continuing losses. After a seven day trial an Indian River County jury returned an award totaling $2,899,878.60.

Obtained a Trial Verdict of $1.64 million dollars for injuries sustained by an 86 year old woman in a rollover auto accident on SR 60 in Vero Beach, Florida. After prolonged hospitalization, Mrs. Koebele never fully recovered and an Indian River County Jury awarded $1,170,130 for her injuries and $475,000 for her husband’s consortium claim.

Automobile crash in Vero Beach, FL resulting in cervical injury, including disc herniation to a 22 year old tennis professional.

While stopped at the intersection of US Hwy 1 and Vista Royale Boulevard, the Plaintiff’s vehicle was struck from behind with such force that the rear of his SUV was lifted off the ground and his vehicle slammed into the rear of the vehicle in front of him. As a result of the violent impact, Plaintiff sustained permanent injuries to his cervical and lumbar spine. An Indian River County jury awarded the Plaintiff $1,487,412.99.

Medical Negligence claim arising out of a breach in the standard of care by failing to follow physician’s orders and hospital policies with regard to timely assessments of the Plaintiff and her vital signs; failing to recognize signs of respiratory distress; and failing to follow hospital policies regarding recording and disposal of PCA morphine.

Settlement arising from motor vehicle crash that killed a husband and wife in Indian River County.

While stopped at the intersection of 43rd Ave and 8th Street, Plaintiff was rear-ended by the Defendant, launching her vehicle into another vehicle in front of her. Plaintiff sustained permanent injuries to her right knee and cervical spine, both requiring surgical intervention in the years following the collision. After a nine day trial, an Indian River County jury returned an award of $1,259,090.73.

Indian River County jury awarded verdict against Defendant State Farm following an automobile accident where the defendant Driver was underinsured.

Pedestrian was struck and killed crossing the street in Hillsborough County, Florida.

Injury resulting from a freezer door falling on Plaintiff while shopping at a retail store.

Incident resulting from pedestrian being struck by vehicle in parking lot. In only six short months following the incident, the Plaintiff had a remarkable physical, mental and functional decline which ultimately led to his death.

An 83 year old woman was killed when her car was struck by a 18-wheeler on SR 60 in Vero Beach, FL. The decedent’s adult children agreed to proceed as her statutory survivors and obtained a wrongful death settlement of $400,000.

GCF’s Labor & Employment law team successfully represented the Indian River County School District in a teacher discipline case before the local school board. The favorable result was appealed to the Fourth District Court of Appeals, which affirmed and upheld the school board’s decision.

Gould Cooksey Fennell served as Co-Counsel in a Georgia case involving alleged misdiagnosis/mistreatment of preeclampsia resulting in the death of a 39 year old mother.

Plaintiff was knocked over by unleashed dogs, resulting in a fall and ultimate brain injury.