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Conservation Easement Grants

In an area where development happens at a rapid pace, a conservation easement attorney is sometimes necessary to help preserve the beautiful habitat that helps our natural ecosystems thrive in Florida’s Treasure Coast.

In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in the use of conservation easement grants between private landowners and government agencies. These include traditional regulatory conservation easement grants related to real property development, as well as negotiated conservation easements that involve the sale and transfer of certain ownership rights combined with retained owner use and possession. If you are facing an easement transaction in Florida, you need the counsel of a qualified easement attorney.

Our Vero Beach conservation easements lawyers have the necessary knowledge and experience to represent the legal interests of clients through Florida easement laws. We can assist with all critical elements such as valuation considerations; defining permitted uses and reserved rights; clarifying future governmental expectations relative to monitoring and restricted activities; and handling closings of easement grant transactions.

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