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Understand Zoning Laws in Indian River County

Our Real Estate Group attorneys spend considerable time representing client interests in matters of land use and zoning laws. This area of representation encompasses a broad spectrum of real estate attorney services.

Our experienced zoning lawyers provide legal assistance with regard to rezoning real property, comprehensive land use plan amendments, site planning activities, and platting and subdivision of real property. Zoning laws and regulations in Indian River County and beyond characteristically involve significant interaction with local, state and federal planning and regulatory agencies, and attendance before county and municipal councils and commissions. Our zoning attorneys will work to serve your interests and will work with you to let you know your rights and responsibility with regard to this area of law.

Florida Zoning Laws & Regulations

Our firm attorneys also often lend their professional expertise to local governmental boards. Because Florida zoning laws and regulations can be difficult and complex, it’s important to work with an attorney who has relationships within these aspects of the government. Drawing on their years of experience, the attorneys in our Real Estate Group can help you navigate the difficulties of this field of law, ensuring your ability to develop property as permissible under the law.

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